Measurement Charts

It is very important to take the measurements at least 3 times before to assure accuracy. To the left  you will find the chart for the correct way to measure your head for your custom piece. Please remember you must measure your head in the same fashion as your going to wear your hair under the piece, make sure you get the hair as flat as possible wheather you wear braids or wrap the hair. After hair has been braided or wrap, you will begin the measurement process. Do
not pull the mearusement tape to tight, but get a nice snug fit.



 Measurement Chart for full Custom Units   

 1.The Circumference of the Head:    Measure all around the head. Rest the edge of the tape of the tape where the hair starts to grow and follow around nape of the neck. Start at center front and follow edge of hair line, underneath the ears.(Average measurement is 22".)

 2. From Forehead to Nape of Neck:  Measure from hair line at the center of forehead(or where hair line would be, if hair is sparse there) straight back over crown to center of hair line at nape of neck. (Averege
measurement is 11")

3. Ear to Ear across Front HairlineMeasure in the front of ears, just where hair starts to grow(sideburns) across the hair line of the forehead. end in front of edgeof other sideburn. (Average measurement is 11.5) 

4. Ear to Ear over Top of Head: Measure from hair line where hair starts to grow above ear(as illustrated) straight across top of head. Extend to edge of hair line on the other ear. On this particular measurement is is very important that you pin hair flat and tight before measuring. (Average measurement is 11")

5. Point to Point: Place tape measure at front edge of sideburn and measure over crown to front edge of other sideburn. (Average measurement is 14")

6. Nape of Neck: Measure how wide the hair grows across nape of neck. (Average measurement is 6)

















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